Kavanaugh Hearings Highlight False Antithesis

By: Cameron Lugo, Contributor

Capitol Hill has been buzzing with controversy over Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings and appointment to the Supreme Court. But this struggle was not kindled by virtuous concern regarding the nominee’s suitability for the Court. Rather, Kavanaugh’s confirmation exposes Americans’ unbending ideologies — totalitarian worldviews that dictate truth and falsehood, fact and fiction.

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Paladin Cross Country Continues Run of Excellence

By: Greg Peterson, Staff Writer

It seems the only thing that can deter the Furman men’s and women’s cross country team is Hurricane Florence. No, really. Both the men’s and women’s teams have won their respective season openers this year and Southern Conference (SoCon) championships for the past five seasons.

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Furman Fumbles Hurricane Florence Cancellations

By: Payton Isner, Contributor

“Furman has learned from its mistakes,” administration told faculty, staff and students last year after Hurricane Irma swept through the Upstate. The storm brought devastating winds and rain that took down trees across campus throughout the morning as students navigated the debris and tropical-storm-force winds to get to class. Only well into the evening did Furman eventually reverse its decision and decide to cancel all classes and activities.

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