An “Unusually Tame” 2019 Golden Globes Sets Stage for the Oscars and Emmy’s

By: Aidan Clarke, Staff Writer

Award season is approaching its climax, and some of the years best films were honored at the 76th Golden Globes. Hosted by “Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s” Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh of “Killing Eve” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” the event was unusually tame, with none of the acerbic wit of past hosts like Ricky Gervais.

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Gender Equality has a Long Way to Go

By: Anne Kirby, Staff Writer

Recently, I gathered some friends and ventured out on a rainy Saturday night to see the movie “On the Basis of Sex.” The biographical film follows the early adulthood and career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second female in U.S. history to be confirmed as a Justice of the Supreme Court. As a young woman in law school in the late ‘50’s, Ginsburg constantly challenged gender discrimination in a time when women were expected to remain in the domestic sphere and were penalized for their ambitions. Countless laws discriminated on the basis of sex, a dichotomy which Ginsburg claimed, “helps to keep women not on a pedestal, but in a cage.” By virtue of her and her husband Martin Ginsburg’s efforts, as well as complementing endeavors by others, women have obtained many of the rights we were once denied. Women are now encouraged to strive for careers and positions of leadership. Thanks to the American Civil Liberty Union, gender discrimination in regard to employment is now strictly forbidden. Although we have come a long way, the fight is not over. Many barriers remain and prevent women from true equality and equitable treatment.

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The Transgender Military Ban is Based in Prejudice

By: Emily Balogh, Staff Writer

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled favorably on President Trump’s transgender military ban Trump, who has been pushing this ban despite little support from the public and military personnel, has consistently cited medical costs as the reasoning behind the ban. However, due to his and his administration’s repeated anti-LGBTQ+ stances the
real issue lies much deeper in hidden and implicit prejudices.

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New House Diversity is a Welcome Change

By: Emily Balogh, Staff Writer

The newest group of House representatives is the most diverse the nation has ever seen. Including a record number of women, the first-ever Muslim congresswomen and the first-ever Native American congresswoman; this is a huge leap for minorities around the country. America is taking steps to more accurately represent all people within the group that determines the laws of the land, a sign that we are moving in the right direction politically.

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Trump’s America is Not As Bad As Media Suggests

By: Thomas Moore, Campus Editor

It’s 2019 and Donald Trump is President of the United States. America is in a state of fear, chaos and disarray. His effects have left no one untouched, including my own family. My mother has hardly left her bedroom since Trump nominated Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Too sick and weak to leave her room, she stays in bed. My father is unemployed. However, the reason my mom hasn’t left the bedroom since Kavanaugh’s nomination is because she ironically threw out her knee the same day and had to get a knee replacement this fall. Her sickness is the result of a severe sinus infection. My dad is unemployed because he quit his job to look after her. But the point remains: often, tragic coincidences are conflated with Trump’s direct influence and administration. Most people seem to be doing just fine, despite what the media might say.

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Sorority Recruitment Distracts from Philanthropy

By: Amanda Stegen, Contributor

With formal recruitment last weekend, and formal pledging in the next two months, sisters are excited to initiate their newest pledge class. Since the beginning of fall semester, sororities have been preparing for recruitment, from potential new member lunch dates, Panhellenic pop-ins and sorority Instagram posts, all in preparation of welcoming the pledge class of 2019. But why all this work for three days of small talk? Even as a participant myself, I have no idea. The process, it seems, is rife with unfair practices and wasted time.

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By: Christina La Rosa, Staff Writer

People have always complained about younger generations. It is an age old argument, and it is just as meaningless now as it has been in the past. The rise of technology spurred a sudden shift in our culture and created a clear divide between the generation that grew up with technology and the generation that did not. Baby Boomers do not hesitate to point this out, often resentfully. Their common criticism is that Millenials and Gen Z are lazy, vapid and entitled, but this criticism is unfounded and counterproductive.

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