Cross Country Dominates at Southeast Region Championships

Written by Darcy Waskiewics, Sports Editor

The Furman men’s and women’s cross-country teams soared at the 2019 NCAA Southeast Region Championships on Friday. The women’s team, who are ranked 14th, finished in second place, while the 31st ranked men’s team finished in fourth place. 

The women’s second-place finish automatically qualified the team for the NCAA Championships. Senior Gabbi Jennings claimed a second-place finish in the women’s 6k race with a time of 19:55.0, and senior Savannah Carnahan finished right after in third place with a time of 20.07.5. Junior Krissy Gear finished the 6k race in 12th place and senior Emma Grace Hurley finished in 16th place. All four Paladin runners earned All-Southeast Region honors after their high place finishes in the race.

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Furman Basketball Tips Off Impressive Start to Season

Written by Lane Fahey, Editor-in-Chief

Only four games into the season, the Furman men’s basketball team has picked up where they left off last season. Men’s basketball had a record season in 2018-2019, claiming a school-record 25 wins, as well as defeating the defending champion Villanova. The team advanced to the National Invitation Tournament; however, they fell short in the first round.

Now, the team looks to have another record season with a 4-0 start to the 2019-2020 season. The season began on the road against Gardner-Webb. Furman kept in control for most of the game; however, at the half, the game was close, with Furman leading 37-36. The game concluded with a Paladins win, 70-63.

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Influential Paladin: Devin Wynn

Written by Kristen Janes, Staff Writer

Junior tailback Devin Wynn has quickly emerged as a premier runner in the Southern Conference. In his sophomore season, Wynn rushed for 722 yards and six touchdowns to help lead Furman to a share of the Southern Conference title. He finished sixth in the league for rushing yards overall.

This season Wynn has already had a more significant impact on the Paladin offense. At Wofford Wynn became the first Paladin to rush over 1,000 yards on a season since 2013, topping that milestone off with 13 Furman touchdowns. He is the 16th player in Furman history to complete the honor. It has been no easy feat to have consistent success under the changing offense, but Wynn has become a staple of the offensive strategy under two different quarterbacks. 

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Tennis Looks to Carry Success into Spring Season

Written by Darcy Waskiewics, Sports Editor

Furman men’s and women’s tennis teams had strong finishes to their 2019 fall season, with the women’s team concluding their season at the Seminole All-Conference Showdown, while the men ended their fall season with the Furman Duals competition.

After a strong performance at the Furman Duals in early November, the women’s team looked to carry that success into the Seminole All-Conference Showdown the week after. There, sophomore Mary Hunter Hyche claimed three singles victories, while freshman Maggie Pate won two singles matches and senior Danni Vines, sophomore Madison Dillon, junior Mary Rompf and junior Georgie Walker all claimed one singles victory each.

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Adventures Abroad: London Endings

Written by Caroline Scudder, Columnist

         At last, our study abroad program has reached its final portion of the trip with our 6-week stay in London. Having spent an extended amount of time away from the urban lifestyle, exploring a new city with many attractions felt quite overwhelming. Our time at the farm was filled with solitude and the simplicity of nature, so being thrown into the commotion, excitement, and busyness of London naturally required some getting used to. Moreover, each of us felt strange living in our own single-room apartments after having grown used to living in communal spaces for much of the trip.

         Picking back up with a more structured schedule, we continued our studies at Birkbeck, University of London. A particular highlight for me has been our weekly theatre outings. One of the stand-out productions for me was hearing a retelling of ghost stories (that were based on real events) at the Globe prior to Halloween. Because of dropping temperatures, the main open theatre was closed. However, the theatre our show took place in had an unexpected seating arrangement. Rather than the cheaper seats being on the floor-level for the standing “groundlings,” the indoor theatre had the balcony as standing space for attendees. This reversed design was quite the viewing experience as we each used the guard rails for support. We were all happy to step outside into the cool air after being at the top of theatre where all the heat within the room had risen and given us a complimentary sauna-like experience.

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Senioritis Stories, Vol 7: I Guess I Am A Morning Person Now

Written by Maddie De Pree, Columnist

It is with deep apprehension that I use this, my final article of the semester, tostakeaboldclaim:fromnow on, I am a morning person.

Yes, yes—I am as shocked as anyone. After all, for much of this semester, I began my days no earlier than 10:30 in the morning (sometimes not even until 11:00). My classes don’t start until 11:30 most days, so I’m generally content to stay in bed as long as possible, drifting in and out of consciousness, whiling away the many morning hours before my first classes begin. (Yes, it’s as sweet as it sounds.)

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My Experience at the God? Forum

Written by Grace Ryan, Contributor

On Wed., October 23, Furman hosted its annual God? Forum. Many students were drawn to the cultural life program (CLP) for its intriguing title, some hoping to finally find an answer to the persistent question of the existence of a heavenly power. The CLP, however, offered little in terms of answers, but rather brought together non-believers and staunch believers alike, allowing all parties the chance to articulate and reconcile their own ideas on religion. 

Although sponsored by Campus Catholic Ministry (CCM), the God? Forum is open to all. Maddie Tedrick, one of CCM’s student leaders, said that, like the event, CCM “provides Catholic students on campus with community, fellowship, and a place to worship,” but the organization is not exclusive; all events, from Sunday 9pm Mass to weekly Wednesday fellowship nights, are open to everyone.

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How to Survive Freshmen Year at College

Written by Onyx Hall, Staff Writer

I’m still a freshman so I may not be the most credible source when it comes to giving freshman advice. However, my first tip would be to look at YouTube videos about freshman year. Look at what other people have done as far as tips on packing and studying. The best advice I received was not from tour guides or administrators or parents, but from people who were in the same position as I was. Make sure you get the truth when it comes to college. I would also keep in mind that you might not only struggle with adjusting to college academics, which they emphasize a lot at Furman. You might struggle finding real friends who you can relate to. 

You must keep in mind that even though you all may be the same race or have a lot in common, it still may be hard to find people you really connect with. Diversity does not just refer to skin color but also refers to economic status and personality. My other point of advice would be to try to think about what you’re interested in before you come. It is good to be open minded and to be okay with not knowing, but also remember that you do not want to be in your senior year without a major or not really sure about what you want to do after graduation, because tuition is expensive. 

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Urban Innovation is Essential to Greenville’s Future

Written by Sawyer Rew, Contributor

A typical commute from Furman to downtown Greenville takes about 15 minutes. Although the commute is short, it is not particularly enjoyable. Poinsett Highway is a four-lane monstrosity flanked by poverty and filth. The roads are spotted with potholes, people walk along the medians and vacated buildings rot on all sides of the street. Once we reach our destination, we forget the sketchy drive and opt to enjoy the beauty of downtown Greenville.  

There was a time when all of Greenville looked like Poinsett Highway. Luckily, the downtown area has made a comeback and Greenville looks forward to a bright future. We must find ways to share downtown Greenville’s prosperity with its orbiting communities.  

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Physical Activity Requirements Are Essential in Obesity Crisis

Written by Anne Kirby, Staff Writer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18.5% of children and adolescents between the ages of two and nineteen in the U.S. currently struggle with obesity. Trends show that this prevalence also increases with age, indicating a likelihood of these children facing obesity later in life as well. The health risks of obesity are life-threatening. Recognizing this, the U.S. government has begun to prioritize policies for reducing childhood obesity. The most influential of these policies directly impacting children falls under the category of physical activity requirements in schools, and yet, there is still no federal mandate to ensure that this is happening.  

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