Annual Holi Celebration Returns to Campus

By: Amanda Egan, Staff Writer

Furman’s annual Holi celebration returned to campus with flying colors (pun intended) on Friday, April 5. The CLP event was postponed from its original date, meaning that Furman students partook in the Indian tradition — which is usually celebrated during the first full moon of spring — after the official Holi holiday had passed. But the spirit was still strong, thanks to the work put in by Furman’s ASIA Club.

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SGA Welcomes New President: Jesse Tompkins

By: Abby Morelli, News Editor

Furman last week held elections for the Student Government Association (SGA) new Executive Council for the Fall of 2019, and Jesse Tompkins is this coming year’s new president. The members of SGA  are “students serving students,” said Tompkins.Tompkins further describes SGA as a governing body that creates clubs and provides resources and funding to clubs and other organizations on campus. There are class positions within SGA and they hold class forums each semester where students can voice concerns, though he says those have become less frequent.

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Recent Updates to Furman’s Student Health Center

By: Thomas Moore, Campus Editor

Furman’s Earle Infirmary is going by the new moto, “More than just a place of health-a place of wellness too.” A number of new changes have been introduced to Furman’s infirmary, and the staff has some news to share: “We want to advertise ourselves,” said Jill McCreight. “It feels like people just are not aware.”

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Travis Evans Sago’s “Do We Hear Gay” CLP

By: Evan Myers, Assistant News Editor

Thursday, March 14, Travis Evans Sago 09’ returned to his alma-mater Furman, to ask a simple question: “Do we hear gay?” Sago’s CLP resonated with students, as a packed McEachern Lecture Hall laughed with him as he expressed how surreal it was to be back at Furman. “I can’t believe I am a CLP,” he joked.

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Lebron and Lousy Lakers Struggle Despite Preseason Hype

By: Lucius Harvin, Staff Writer

When Lebron James made the decision to take his talents to Los Angeles the season was supposed to be different. James, coming off eight straight NBA finals with Miami and Cleveland, was immediately supposed to make the Lakers a title contender.

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Paladin Tennis Continues Early Season Excellence

By: Darcy Waskiewicz, Staff Writer

Furman’s tennis teams soared through the first half of the spring season with winning streaks that began the first week of February and continued into March. The Paladins look to build off this energy as the Southern Conference and NCAA tournaments approach.

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Maddie De Pree is a Junior, Vol. 12: I Guess I Use Social Media Now

By: Maddie De Pree, Columnist

Those closest to me know that I’ve never been a big fan of social media. I’ve always had a Facebook, but when I arrived at Furman, I didn’t have Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. I just wasn’t interested in keeping up with all that. A “social media presence” has always been an unappealing concept. Twitter seems self-indulgent, and Instagram smacks of narcissism and vacuity. Social media generally strikes me as a huge waste of time.

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Furman JSA Partners With Greenville Jewish Film Festival

Feb. 28, Furman University’s Jewish Student Association (JSA) celebrated its partnership with the Greenville Jewish Film Festival with a CLP to kick off the first day of the festival. This partnership and CLP were parts of JSA’s efforts to increase its visibility on campus and in the Greenville community.

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We Must Hold Politicians to a Moral Standard

By: Evan Myers, Assistant News Editor

March 5, 2019, Busboys and Poets — a bookstore and cafe in Washington — invited guests to “a town hall gathering on progressive policy moving forward.” Attendees included the Congressional Progressive Caucus, most notably freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Rather than advancing the discussion surrounding progressive issues, however, Omar’s most significant contribution to the event was an inflammatory injection of what many considered to be anti-Semitism. She said, “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

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