Liberal Arts Are an Essential Part of the Furman Experience

By: Abbey Morelli, Staff Writer

Furman University is an accredited, private, liberal arts college. Access to this model of education, with dedication to the liberal arts, gives due recognition to the Humanities and its relationship to other disciplines. This is an essential part of the Furman experience, and one which we should all recognize.

Last semester, I took Dr. Simmons and Dr. Inabinet’s Humanities course for the Ultimate Questions general education requirement. The course is focused on a combination of philosophy and its association with the sciences. The main course of discussion was whether one could stand without the other and further the influence of the humanities Continue reading “Liberal Arts Are an Essential Part of the Furman Experience”

PocketSights Virtual Tour Explains Furman’s History

By: Lane Fahey, Assistant News Editor

The Admissions tour is no longer the only tour Furman has to offer. With the help of the Seeking Abraham project and a communications class, a virtual tour of Furman’s campus is accessible through a phone application.

Furman’s historically centered virtual tour is available via PocketSights, an application recognized nationwide for mapping out college campuses.

Continue reading “PocketSights Virtual Tour Explains Furman’s History”

Failing Forward: Saying Cheers to The Paladin

By: Carter Hunt, Editor-in-Chief

In spring of 2015 I received my first feedback as an editor for The Paladin. It was a photo of an article I had written that had about a dozen mistakes that I had made circled with the comment “I don’t think I need to go on a spiel, these egregious errors speak for themselves.” Not the most uplifting critic. I was a Freshman and I squirmed over the mistakes that I’d made.

We’ve all been there at some point after making some mistake. Whether it’s in the classroom or on a playing field, some mistakes can makes us feel like we are alone in an ocean with no one to help us for miles in every direction. We can deceive ourselves, but at some point we have to remember rule #65: “No Man is an Island.” Continue reading “Failing Forward: Saying Cheers to The Paladin”