The Kansas City Chiefs: A Season of Comebacks

Written by Darcy Waskiewicz, Sports Editor

After a dominant season full of comebacks, the Kansas City Chiefs are the winners of Super Bowl LIV. Coming back from a ten-point deficit, the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 in front of a lively crowd at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. 

The 49ers got on the board first with a 38-yard field goal, but the Chiefs took the lead with a touchdown after superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes ran to score. The Chiefs extended their lead early in the second with a field goal, but the 49ers came back with a touchdown to tie the game. The 49ers took the lead back with a field goal and a touchdown thrown by quarterback Jimmy Garappolo, making the score 20-10. 

The Chiefs weren’t to be counted out of the game though, and began their epic comeback with a touchdown, making the score 20-17 after getting the extra point in the fourth quarter. Not long after that, the Chiefs extended their lead with another touchdown, caught by Damien Williams. The referees were not sure if Williams had stepped out of bounds during the play, but after a long and tense pause, the play was ruled a touchdown. Williams tacked on another touchdown for the Chiefs to secure their lead 30-20.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has racked up a ton of accomplishments in his short career with the Chiefs. After debuting in 2018, Mahomes was named the 2018 NFL MVP, is a Super Bowl Champion, and was named the Super Bowl MVP for Super Bowl LIV. 

This Super Bowl win ended a fifty-year drought for the Kansas City Chiefs, who last won a Super Bowl in 1969. The team has had to overcome multiple point deficiencies throughout the 2019-2020 season, especially in the playoffs. Besides the 10-point comeback in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs overcame a 24-point deficiency against the Texans, and then came back after falling 10 points below the Titans in the American Football Conference Final. 

The Chiefs accomplished a lot this season, proving that they should never be counted out of a game and finally claiming a Super Bowl title they have been working hard to claim since 1969. Will they be able to do it again next year, or is it time for another team to claim a Super Bowl title? 

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