How to Survive Freshmen Year at College

Written by Onyx Hall, Staff Writer

I’m still a freshman so I may not be the most credible source when it comes to giving freshman advice. However, my first tip would be to look at YouTube videos about freshman year. Look at what other people have done as far as tips on packing and studying. The best advice I received was not from tour guides or administrators or parents, but from people who were in the same position as I was. Make sure you get the truth when it comes to college. I would also keep in mind that you might not only struggle with adjusting to college academics, which they emphasize a lot at Furman. You might struggle finding real friends who you can relate to. 

You must keep in mind that even though you all may be the same race or have a lot in common, it still may be hard to find people you really connect with. Diversity does not just refer to skin color but also refers to economic status and personality. My other point of advice would be to try to think about what you’re interested in before you come. It is good to be open minded and to be okay with not knowing, but also remember that you do not want to be in your senior year without a major or not really sure about what you want to do after graduation, because tuition is expensive. 

My fourth point of advice would be to learn how to take care of yourself before you come. Learn how to manage your own money, time, relationships, etc. Your parents and high school friends are not there to be around you or monitor you and your every action and so you have to be able to be accountable and responsible. 

If you do come to Furman, a car would be a good investment. Groceries are expensive and so are Lyfts and Ubers. Make sure to establish healthy relationships with your peers and your family back home before and during your college experience. Your parents have to understand that you may not be able to call them everyday or check in every hour on the hour. You and your friends may stay close or you may grow apart. Make sure your relationships do not cause you too much stress. College in general is already stressful enough and toxic relationships will only make it worse. 

This leads to my next point of not over doing it. Make sure that you are diligent in your studies so that you can get a good grade and strive for success, but do this while also making sure to take care of yourself. In my experience I did not do well on a test not because I did not study enough, but because I did not get enough rest the night before. Therefore my mind was running too fast for me to even concentrate. Study ahead and study well to keep up your academics and mental health. 

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