Influential Paladin: Reagan Chewning

By: Lane Fahey, Editor-in-Chief

Reagan Chewning started her athletic career at Furman as a long jumper. What’s happened since then, she and no one else quite expected. After a foot injury freshman year, Chewning explored her options, and she began to start running. 

“So [the foot injury] set me back, and when I returned, I got asked to do the multi because I did several field and running events in high school,” Chewning said. 

Halfway through sophomore year, Chewning was approached by a volunteer coach who specializes in javelin throwing. He asked if she would be interested in learning and improving her distance when it comes to javelin. That same year, Chewning finished third in conference for javelin throwing. From there on out, javelin has become the former long jumper’s speciality. 

“After [conference] I just kind of forgot about every other event,” Chewning said.

With changing her focus to one event, her training has changed as well. 

“I went from doing a lot of cardio, and I mean, mainly just cardio, to doing, like I said, the Olympic lifts and really trying to bulk up” Chewning said. “My lifestyle has changed.”

Fast forward to senior year, and Chewning now throws between 38 to 45 meters consistently. 

“Senior year I’m looking to win conference, first of all. That’s goal number one. Then after I win conference I really want to qualify for regionals, go throw in Florida… that’s always a big meet.”

For the fall, Chewning continues to train daily.  Her training consists of lifts, plyometrics and practice throwing to prepare for her final season as a Paladin in the spring. 

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