Recent Updates to Furman’s Student Health Center

By: Thomas Moore, Campus Editor

Furman’s Earle Infirmary is going by the new moto, “More than just a place of health-a place of wellness too.” A number of new changes have been introduced to Furman’s infirmary, and the staff has some news to share: “We want to advertise ourselves,” said Jill McCreight. “It feels like people just are not aware.”

At the end of the fall, Furman’s infirmary underwent a makeover including new furniture, new equipment and virtually an entirely new staff. This all occurred as the result of a change to Prisma Health Upstate. Greenville Hospital was associated before the merger and as a result of the adjustments, Furman’s infirmary is affiliated with the hospital system and has relationships with the local specialists.

McCreight elaborated on the benefits: “We now have a courier system with Upstate Medical Pharmacy in Greenville.” Essentially, if a doctor elsewhere puts in an E-prescription with the pharmacy they will deliver it out here so patients at Furman can pick it up. “We hand you a box and set it on your way. Shots, IV’s, medications… there are many options now available that were not previously here.”

McCreight wanted to reiterate the message of totally caring about the students. “Additionally, in contrast to before, we now have cheaper benadryl, ibuprofens cheaper than at CVS or even Walgreens…but only if you come here to be seen.” Students must make appointments to receive medications to keep the medications available for people who need it. “It is good for people who don’t have cars, as now they have an on campus ready supply. This is a supplement to the courier system.”

Another addition to Furman’s new infirmary is wellness coaching. This is to “make sure people have things like immunizations, and making sure people are due for annual exams. We can review all of that with them. As a person needs anything in a daily life of wellness, the students can come here first before going to any kind of specialist.” However, she further noted, “if you need to, we can refer you to a different doctor, or a place for tests.”

Further, they have more medications than in the past, and can sell over the counter medications. They “handle all types of sick visits.” McCright wanted to note that “wellness coaching and lifestyle change measures are collaborative efforts. We have an MD, two nurse practitioners, four registered nurses, and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) in the clinic. SANE provides help for anything sexual assault related. Girls and boys: if they have any questions, they can see the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner.”

In addition, there is STD testing, equipped with anonymous DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental control) and FTD testing. The clinic is able to send off anonymous STD testing if students want it done that way. They also have contraceptives, and offer regular pelvic GYN examinations.

However, in addition to all their comments, the staff at the Furman infirmary wants the students to hear their ultimate, concluding message: “We want to be the primary caregiver for these students, and for kids to come here and be comfortable.”

The Earle Infirmary is open Monday through Friday, from 8a.m. to 6p.m.

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