New Abortion Laws Encourage Mass Infanticide

By: Thomas Moore, Campus Editor

“A person is a person, no matter how small,” said Dr. Seuss, taking this truth as self-evident. Yet when he penned these words, he could not have anticipated that nineteen years later, America would be soaked in blood from the legalization of mass infanticide.

In 1996, Bill Clinton said abortion should be kept safe, legal, and rare. Democrats accepted that abortion is a terrible thing, even if it is to be protected, yet now they are willing to trumpet it as a triumph of “women’s rights,” praising it as a positive good worthy of celebration. The new laws in Virginia and New York go as far as to end the idea that one who murders a pregnant woman should be charged with double homicide.

The changes in this stance echo an eerie parallel between abortion and slavery. In 1837, Democratic Senator John C. Calhoun argued slavery was beneficial. He argued that blacks were better off enslaved than free to live a poor-quality livelihood; he held that blacks were not capable of rational thought and could not fend for themselves; he argued they were not even “human.” These arguments for slavery should sound strikingly familiar, for they parallel contemporary views on abortion. In 1837, Calhoun was labeled a radical for calling slavery not a “necessary evil,” but “a Positive Good.” Just 20 years later, the majority of the South held that opinion.

Fettered and chained, black mothers cried and wailed as their children were ripped from their arms to be sold into slavery. We knew this was an evil because we could hear the screams. Would that babies in the womb could scream, then they could cry out as their developing bodies are torn apart by a sadist’s forceps. Yet reason alone is sufficient to know that abortion is evil; our reason is bolstered by the testimonies of survivors lucky enough to live, like me. Contrary to belief, adoption is an easy alternative, since many families cannot have children of their own.

The circus that Justice Kavanaugh was subject to was not the Democrats’ first offense against due process. Every day, over 3,000 babies are murdered in the U.S. alone, subject to a guilty verdict without trial for a crime they did not commit. Conception is no crime, and false accusations still deserve a defense.

Eagerly Democrats embrace foreigners seeking asylum in the U.S., but contemptuously they reject feti seeking new life. Likewise, Democrats falsely claim to love recycling. “Why throw something away when you can reuse it later?” they ask. “Why kill something when you can give it up for adoption?” I respond.

Justice must be administered; murder should not go unpunished. But we must not let our passions get the best of us; we must forgive those who embrace abortion, for they know not what they do. Their ignorance is the result of demagogues and sophists seeking reelection who are willing to condone abortion simply to receive a paycheck.

To the charge that the right to life is a conservative stance, I claim innocence. Babies should be born into a safe world, one with a strong social safety net, with carefully monitored gun laws. They should be able to breathe the clean air that comes from regulations aimed at supporting a clean environment. They should be guaranteed a livelihood supported by a steady income in return for hard work. Being pro-life does not mean being conservative. Simply, it means being pro-human.

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