FUPO Offers New Information on the Robbery

By: Thomas Moore, Campus Editor

Furman Police Chief John Milby provided some answers to the remaining questions regarding the latest update of the robbery on campus. Three weeks ago, student were still in the dark about the events. Who was the individual? What were his motives? If similar events were to happen in the future, how should Furman respond?

Chief Milby confirmed that the person involved has been identified as former student DeAndre Stevenson. Stevenson was arrested and charged with strong arm robbery, in addition to assault and battery. He was booked at the Traveler’s Rest Police Department, but later released, to his own recognizance, pending trial in General Sessions Court in Greenville County.

His motive for the robberies and assaults was determined to be strictly personal gain.

Chief Officer Milby also wanted everyone to know that the robbery victim sustained minor injuries during the robbery, but is expected to fully recover from the incident.

Chief Milby praised the Furman faculty and student body, who “did a great job helping with the investigation by quickly responding to our release of the forensic sketch of the suspect which was based on eye witness description. This cooperation from our community was absolutely essential to solving this case. We issue timely warnings to our campus community as soon as possible by calling 864-294-2111. Furman is a very safe campus because our community works together to look out for one another. FUPO can’t do it alone —it really is a partnership.”

Events like this can be frightful and traumatizing to Furman students, but the Furman Police Department ensures that by working in cooperation with the faculty and student body, Furman University can remain a safe and secure campus.


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