Furman University Art Department With Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center Hosts Second Annual “Sleep While You’re Dead”

By: Catherine McLaughlin, Diversions Editor

Furman’s Art Department partnered with Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center to host the second annual “Sleep While You’re Dead” competition on Jan. 25 and 26.

The competition, which bridges multiple departments, aims to help students realize their creative potential. The event kicked-off with a reception in the Roe Art Building, followed by a CLP talk by David Butler, former Coca-Cola brand strategist and current co-founder of Kids II.

This year’s design challenge prompted participants to take classic food items like like butter, pasta, bacon or coffee pods and put a creative spin on them through design and branding.

The winning team for the best in show award went to NÜD who designed an on-thego pasta salad.

As a member of NÜD, senior Dominique Gold spoke about her experience and said, “I really enjoyed the competition because as a business major, I don’t always get to incorporate my creative side.” Gold added, “I think the By Catherine McLaughlin Diversions Editor Above: David Butler speaks about the importance of design in business. Below: Participants present design concepts to the review board. The best in show award went to the team that created an on-thego pasta salad called NÜD. competition was a great way for me to learn more about the branding process as a soon to be graduate looking for jobs in advertising.”

Fellow NÜD teammate, Tucker McKillop, a Digital Media major focusing in graphic design, said, “I loved the opportunity to compete and work on a team who was driven and ready to step up to the plate. Real world opportunities like these come once in a lifetime. I was so happy to be aroud such a creative and talented group.”

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