Sammy Says: Furman Needs Retro Jerseys

By: Sammy Clough, Sports Editor

This week my beloved Atlanta Braves released new uniforms for the 2019 MLB season. Leading up to the release of the Atlanta’s new threads, fans speculated what direction the Braves might go with their uniforms. Many, including myself, urged the Braves to bring back some of their classic retro jerseys from the days of Braves legends like Hank Aaron or Dale Murphy.

As I thought back on all the iconic moments created in those uniforms, I began to become nostalgic for all throwback sports uniforms. Through my nostalgic daydreaming, I came to By Sammy Clough Sports Editor the conclusion the Furman basketball needs to have a retro jersey night.

Furman basketball has a rich history of players like Clyde Mays, Nield Gordon and most iconically Frank Selvy. The Paladins have tried to honor these legends in the past by hosting a “Legends Night” in which Furman basketball alumni were welcomed back to Timmons Arena to be celebrated for their eforts in purple. Furman even named the brand new video boards in Timmons after Frank Selvy, giving a nod to his 100-point game in 1954 on the boards themselves. However, I think one more great way to honor Furman’s basketball history is to wear the same uniforms that these iconic players once wore.

While reckoning back to the Paladins’ hoops traditions, Furman could study old uniforms and even give them a modern twist. In a age when hipsters value the things of the past like polaroids and record players, I think the retro-ftted Paladins could be a hit.

These retro uniforms would by no means need to be permanent, but I think by hosting a throwback night, the Paladins could create even more excitement around the program.

Whenever Furman basketball decides to remake their uniforms, all I hope is that they at least consider adding a nostalgic, retro look to their lineup.

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