Furman Makes Agreement with UVA’s Batten School

By: Thomas Moore, Campus Editor

Furman’s Politics and International Affairs Department has long been making efforts to help the situation of students and alumni, be it through furthering careers or giving a jump-start to success. This trend will continue with a new program. If you’re a Furman student interested in continuing your education in public policy or leadership, Furman now provides this opportunity . Furman University entered into an affiliation agreement with University of Virginia’s Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy allowing Furman students to earn a Master of Public Policy

According to their website, “The Batten School is pioneering a new model of leadership and policy education.” They provide “a powerful interdisciplinary learning environment to foster the next generation of policy leaders and analysts focused on getting things done.”

This new agreement will allow the Batten School to reserve one space in each MPP class for a Furman senior or alumnus who fulfills the admissions requirements for the school. However, the program is willing to accept more than one Furman student each year. Those selected for admission will receive financial support; Virginia residents may be awarded at least $12,500 and non-Virginia residents, at least $20,000 each year of the program. Additionally, students can earn further assistantships, fellowships and other awards and,Furman students will have their application fee waived.

Associate professor of Politics and International Affairs David Fleming weighs in: “We are thrilled that Furman students and alumni will have this great opportunity to receive a top-flight graduate school education at the Batten School. The mission of the Batten School to enhance public leadership is consistent with The Furman Program.”

Their website proclaims that part of the mission allows Batten School graduates to “join a growing network of change agents committed to working collaboratively and successfully to tackle the most complex issues of our time.”

According to Allan Stam, the dean of the Batten school, “the Batten School was founded to educate and train the next generation of ethical, enlightened public leaders. As a result, our school aims to attract individuals who are not only bright but also have the potential to lead the world to positive, lasting change.”

Dr. Stam also gave praise to Furman and its pedagogical approach to education. “Furman’s focus on both classroom instruction and experiential learning helps to develop the leaders of tomorrow, and we are delighted to forge this partnership to bring some of Furman’s best into the Batten School,” he said. Batten’s goal is to “better the world by producing the leaders of positive disruption.” Now, Furman students will have the opportunity to contribute to that positive disruption.


  • Thomas Moore

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