Sammy Says: Trae Leads Young Hawks

By: Sammy Clough, Sports Editor

In an Atlanta Hawks season where the goal is to lose games, rookie point guard Trae Young has not gotten the memo.

As of Monday, Nov. 4, the Hawks are a far from impressive 3-5. Despite the poor record, they are actually better than expected. Going into the season, Atlanta was the consensus pick to finish last in the NBA and earn the best odds in the draft lottery.

The young Hawks, however, have put up a valiant effort in the first few weeks of the NBA season.

Much of the Hawks limited success thus far has come from their first pick in the draft, Trae Young. Young made his way to Atlanta through a draft day trade with the Mavericks that sent European superstar Luka Doncic to Dallas. While the draft move raised questions around the league, the Hawks have decided to go all-in on Young so far this year.

Young, a 5 foot 11 inch point guard from Oklahoma, took the nation by storm last year in college basketball. His deep three’s and uncontested confidence drew comparisons to two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry as he lead the nation in both points and assists. While many questioned whether his game would translate to the pros, Young has proven to fit in right away.

Through nine games, Young has started at point guard for Atlanta in each and is averaging 31 minutes per game. He is recording just under eight assists every night to go along with his impressive 19.1 points per game.

Now, I don’t want to get crazy and start calling him the next Steph. The rookie has only played 9 games, and should not have to live up to the expectations of being exactly like Curry. What Young has done, though, is embrace Atlanta and its culture, and for that I am a huge fan.

Quavo, of the Atlanta rap group The Migos, has already given Young the nickname “IceTrae” and showed his support for Young’s game despite what could be a dismal season in Atlanta.

Young might not be be the next Steph, but he doesn’t have to be. In what should be a throw away year for Hawks fans, IceTrae is giving Atlanta something to cheer about. Trae, don’t listen to the haters; you’re here to stay.

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