Central Florida Football Extends Undefeated Streak

By: Lucius Harvin, Contributor

Outside of Orlando, Fla., not many people would know anything about the University of Central Florida football program. However, the Golden Knights are currently on a 20-game win streak, the most in the nation, and have won by an average of 34-points in each game, the most in the country.

So the question is: why aren’t they in consideration for the College Football Playoff? Multiple experts have claimed that UCF it in consideration because of the conference they play in, the American Conference, and their weak schedule as a team. However, over the past seasons the American Conference has claimed some noteworthy victores over power five opponents, including Houston beating both Oklahoma and Florida State and these same Knights beating Auburn this past year. That same Auburn team beat Alabama, the team that won the national championship, the same year. Just two weeks ago the American posted more top 25 teams (3), than the ACC did (2), and more top 10 teams (1) then the Pac-12 (0). as a whole, the conference has been relatively strong over the past two years.

UCF also boasts one of the best quarterbacks in all of the nation. Junior McKenzie Milton torched all the competition he’s faced, tossing 53 touchdowns to only 13 interceptions, while having a top five QBR. Milton is electric but gets little to no recognition because he does not play on prime time TV or for a prime time school. The few critics Milton has have criticized that he has not played tough competition, but in the biggest games against South Florida, Memphis and Auburn he has shined. UCF has the playmakers to contend with the traditional powers.

However, it’s not just UCF that has been held back for being in a non-power five conference. Strong teams such as Boise State, Utah State, Fresno State, Houston, Western Michigan and South Florida have all been limited, even though their records over the past few years have been stronger than most power five teams.

The overall consistency in which the traditional powers make the playoff has received criticism for making the sport too boring and not giving enough chances to the little guy. Experts have constantly argued for expansion of the playoff to 8 or even 16 teams, in which teams like UCF would have a much better shot at advancing to the playoff. The goal of the playoff is to insure that all teams have a chance to prove their worth on a national level, but with not enough love to teams like UCF we end up getting the same four teams every year.

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