Homecoming 2018 Kicks Off With HAVOC Competition

By: Abbey Morelli, News Editor

Homecoming 2018 started off the night of October 14th with the annual HAVOC red carpet introductions. This year marked the 25th annual HAVOC games hosted by FUSAB. Twenty competitors dressed as a famous Hollywood star or character and chose a charity to raise money for. The overall winner of HAVOC receives 1000 dollars, second place i awarded 500 dollars and third place 250 dollars. The participants slept in tents in front of the library and were not allowed to return to there residences, shower or change their clothing while they remained in the competition. The 24-hour room in the library served as their home base and their shelter if it rained.

The competitors were allowed to fundraise all throughout the day except for the designated dinner hour they shared together. Students ate every meal together and grew close in their living situations as well. The tents were crowded, some housing up to seven people. Each night, they would have a challenge, the results of which would aid in determining who would be sent home. They underwent a physical challenge, an intellectual challenge and a creative challenge. They competed in relay races, a real life game of Clue and a runway challenge.

Over the course of the week the competitors would ask for money via cash or venmo, they were allowed to ask anyone on campus as well as professors. They were each passionate about their individual cause and strove to promote them. If donating was not possible, the competitors encouraged people to bring awareness about their charities.  On certain nights, whoever raised the greatest amount in that day could earn a shower that night.

The winners were announced during the homecoming football game this past Saturday. First place was senior Celia Castellano, followed by sophomore Gracie Bradley and freshman Anna Kate Gardner. Together, the twenty competitors raised over 24,000 dollars for their charities, the highest amount in the history of HAVOC.

Homecoming weekend welcomed back alumni and featured friendly competition among Greek organizations as well, with the Horseplay skits and float building. Each association represented a different major city to fulfil the theme of Jetsetters. Carly Bernatovicz was crowned Homecoming Queen and Clayton Moyer Homecoming King. Chi Omega and Pi Kappa

Phi were the collective winners of Homecoming for float building and overall spirit points.


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