Paladins Complete Historic Year in Athletics

By: Lucius Harvin, Contributor

When most college students think of big-time sports programs they think of schools such as Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, UCLA, Texas or USC; no one considers Furman. However, maybe times are starting to change.

During the school year, The Learfield Directors Cup is an award given to the colleges and universities with the most success in collegiate athletics. Furman University placed 73rd out of 291 eligible schools last year, the highest the university has ever placed.

At first, when you look at that number your natural reaction is that there are 72 colleges in front of them. However, when you look at the numbers behind the scenes you realize how impressive it really is to be placed so high.

Furman ranked first in the Southern Conference by a huge majority. The next closest was Samford, ranked 140th, and Furman crushed rival Wofford, who was ranked 201th. Furthermore, out of all the 72 schools in front of Furman only seven were in the FCS subdivision, meaning that with the athletic funding that Furman has, they were able to perform near the top of the nation.

It shows that not only is Furman athletics improving, but that their performance is at top of the nation in terms of collegiate athletics. A very impressive stat considering the competition of the schools Furman plays. In all, the Paladins’ historic ranking in the cup shows that Furman has the capability, more now than ever, of competing with big time schools.

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