FUNC Provides Campus News Outlet

By: Lane Fahey, Editor-In-Chief

As the new school year kicks back into full swing, new events and organizations are popping up on campus. One of those organizations this year is a news outlet, called Furman University News Channel, otherwise known as FUNC.

FUNC is a part of the Paladin Network. They are an organization that is looking to get Furman news out as timely as possible. This is done by creating a new video each weekday highlighting the events going on around campus. FUNC will give more opportunities for students interested in video production as well.

Charlie Lott, a member of FUNC says: “In terms of just day-to-day like, announcements and events on campus, I feel like we’re still kind of in the stone age. We put flyers up on walls, and we write in chalk on the sidewalk, and so I feel like it can facilitate better communication across all clubs and organizations.”

As long as it is Furman related, any club or organization can send their information to and fill out the form to be featured on an episode. Students can send in information on an upcoming event, or even their own video to be shown on FUNC.

FUNC is looking to be “a way to facilitate news about different events and organizations on campus.” While there is plenty of information jam-packed into these five minutes videos, there is also some fun as well. This past week, an episode of FUNC included a comical skit about the PAC lifeguards starring in ‘LakeWatch.’

“We’re also doing feature videos with that, each episode has like a video that sort of looks at a lesser known part of campus or there’s a funny skit or a spotlight on a club or something like that,” Lott says.

FUNC can continue to produce more content and grow on campus if students submit information. Simply submit to, where all the videos are posted daily. The members of FUNC film every night from Sunday to Thursday at 10 p.m. in the communications studio of Furman Hall.

Furman University News Channel (FUNC) anchors prepare for filming for the next day’s video. Students can send in their own videos to about a Furman organization or club to be featured on an upcoming video of FUNC. Photo Courtesy of: CHARLIE LOTT

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