Bread and Bowl Offers Healthier Options

By: Thomas Moore, Campus Editor

We were all disappointed when Einstein’s Bagel Company left us after the 2016-2017 school year. Luckily, The Library Cafe has provided a reassurance that left us pleasantly surprised;we could get bagels, coffee, and more, all closer to the academic buildings. But there was still that empty space in the second floor of the Dining Hall that sunk our hearts a little when we walked by it. What could fill the void left by Einstein’s?

Furman has finally provided an answer. Bread and Bowl is the new spot on campus that is already booming with satisfied customers. Sophomore Krissy Gear sums it up: “It’s sooooooooooo good!”

For skeptics and traditionally minded people, Furman changing things “for the better” is always a scary thought. Some students were at first hesitant about the new option, but the results are in: Bread and Bowl is a hit! The lines are twice as long as Einstein’s ever were. Students abound are expressing their satisfaction.

But quality food is not the only thing Bread and Bowl is doing right,it appeals to all audiences as well.

If there’s one thing Furman believes in, it’s inclusion. That doesn’t just apply to race, culture, and income, it applies to food as well. Some people here have dietary restrictions or choose to be vegan or vegetarian for personal or ethical reasons.

Though the Dining Hall has many options at the salad bar, it is rare to find vegan food. Aside from packaged food in the P-Den, people with dietary restrictions frequently struggle to eat here. Students with struggles like these are ecstatic about Bread and Bowl.

Senior Emma Wetenhall explains her take on the new spot: “As a vegan I have always had a hard time finding food on campus. Bread and Bowl is a great new dining option here! The food is flavorful and fresh, and the staff who works there are always kind and helpful. Though I still believe Bon appetite has a long way to go with making the good friendlier to those with religious, personal, and health related eating restrictions, Bread and Bowl is a great start!”

The goal is not to confuse you, the menu consists of sandwiches and bowls. If you’re feeling kinky, you can even customize your own. If you’re looking to bulk up with some calories, the Cuban Torta sandwich is your guy. If you’re aiming to slim down for Spring Break, try the Turkey Bowl.

If you need a quick bite before class, Bread and Bowl is sure to leave you satisfied. The best part of all? They accept meal exchanges!

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